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Premium Waist Wrap For Women & Men

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🤩 1.SIZE.FITS.ALL 🤩 Flexible waist wrap increases body temperature to help get rid of stubborn belly fat. Adjust wrap to your liking to give you instant hourglass. 

Customer Reviews

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All the Support you need

After an unexpected emergency surgery left
me unable to stand up straight and walking
with a hunch, I needed something to help
promote a straight back and compress my
Abdomen. Thank Goodness I discovered this product ! I’m no longer worry about lasting back/shoulder issues & I love the flexibility
and easy breathe ability this Wrap offers.

The best!!

This is by far the best piece of shape wear I’ve ever purchased! Besides being completely adjustable, it also gives my the hourglass figure I’m training my waist to be. So comfortable and flattering, I highly recommend!

Kedia Hooper
Waist Wrap

I love my waist wrap! It’s extremely effective for weight loss. It also has aaamazing back support that helps my scoliosis

Asheika Edwards
Waist rap

I love how this waist rap snatched my ways and also gives my back good support

Flor Torres
Excellent product and customer service

I came across Ashley at a event at BABYB and she was a sweet heart! Took the time to explain how to use each one. The quality is amazing and it’s really FITS ALL unlike other wraps I’ve purchased. I had an amazing work out and know this is just want I needed to get rid of that stubborn belly :-)